Seattle Airport Iceland Air – Day 1

Today we woke early and drove to the Seattle airport. I think that my grandpa who gave us the ride was a little confused thought because he circled the airport about three times trying to find parking. But that wasn’t as bad as figuring out the parking tickets when he pulled up to the machines and the ticket wasn’t printing he ended up paging some one to show him how and it ended up that they use your credit card as your ticket it was pretty funny. We then made it to the airline counter and got are boarding passes printed and quickly got in line for security. After about 20 minutes of standing in line we made it to the front of the line. I was just about to hand our passports over to the customs guard when I remembered that we only $5 USD so I ducked out of line (leaving Dailin to hold our spot) and found the nearest ATM and pulled out about $100.

It was so scary after we got through security a loud blaring alarm went off and no one knew what it was it sounded like a fire alarm but way louder then suddenly it stopped. Seattle is a huge airport and finding a gate was some what of a challenge since we had to take a shuttle to the section of the airport we needed to depart from but eventually we did find it. Right beside our gate was a food court so after grabbing a burger and loosing then finding Dailin we where set and boarded the aircraft for our 8 hour flight to Iceland. We also learned that “thank you” in Iceland is “Takk Fyrir Mig”

On the plane we found some empty seats at the back, they were great until water started dripping from the roof during takeoff. After that we started our TV marathon and changed our watches to Iceland time. Other than dripping water, the flight was great. They had tons of movies, music and tv shows along with games… all free.  (I’ve lost my camera with the original video journal for this day and will post it later).

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