Royal Jewels Tower of London – Day 5

It’s a bit cloudy today but I have have a feeling we are going to be doing a lot… just with out the rain. We just woke up and are heading off to scout out breakfast and hopefully buy tickets to “Les Miserables” the musical.

We got the tickets after grabbing a bite to eat at SubWay where across the street in a hotel there was this really big chair I had to get a picture in. Dad has a business meeting today so while trying to find some thing to do we found a tour bus that sounds great. Big Bus Tours is a bus that tour you around the city (with live cometary) and you can hop off at the major attractions. The great thing about it is that they have about 20 buses so every 20-30 minutes when your done checking out the attractions a new bus pulls in and you can hop on. The guy that sold us the tickets said that officially we had to have an adult on the bus with us for insurance reasons… ya I don’t know about that.

Well we watched the changing of the guard a few minutes ago at Buckingham Palace it was really interesting to see. It was also really funny because the band was playing the Indiana Jones theme song while the guards marched around with there exaggerated steps. Lucy for us there is a Big Bus Tours stop just up the road so we are going to try and find it.

After we found the bus stop there was the matter of waiting for it discreetly so the driver wouldn’t see us and then the matter of some what sneaking on. So we waited a little distance from the stop and as soon as it pulled up we walked on and showed our tickets behind a older couple so they would look like our grand parents IT WORKED! So now we are touring around London the guide is great and really funny it’s crazy how much he knows. For every person that gets on the bus he asked where they are from and then tells them about a famous person from there or some thing that happened there. We have seen some really interesting famous sites from the bus like Saint Paul’s Cathedral. Soon we will get off at The Tower Of London with a history of torture, gold, sieges and and an old crypt under a church.

We made it to the tower which is more like a small castle with walls and stone buildings inside the admission was around 7 pounds a bit of money. Inside the castle we visited the crow jewels a highly secure (like a guard holding a M16 with a huge knife coming off the front) vault with all the kings and queens jeweled crowns and scepters. In side the vault there where also big golden sculptures including a intricately designed GIANT punch bowl (the size of bath tub) completed with a matching ladle also gold. Inside the tower we learned about how they used to torture people (I wont go into details) and how they treated the prisoners. There is also a wall inside the castle that still exists from when the Romans invaded.

Our last stop before heading off to bed was the musical “Les Miserables” even though we were at the back we could still see okay. The musical was absolutely amazing and the voices where incredible. It was my fist time seeing a London musical and it did not disappoint.

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