The London Eye And Big Ben – Day 4

Today I got up really early so we could be on time for the shuttle to the airport. I pretty much stumbled down the elevator because I was so tired from staying up late the night before. In the lobby I got a banana, muffin and yogurt from the grab and go table because the restaurant was not opened yet.

The shuttle to the airport was fast and we where a hour early for our flight it was great that was didn’t have to rush. After the three hour flight to London we took the underground from the airport to Earls Court the station that was right beside our hotel. It was hard so to figure out what trains where going where and if they where headed north, east, south or west especially with crowds of people cramming into the train. We held onto our luggage like gold with white knuckles as people rushed around us felling lost. Lucky for us dad had printed out detailed instructions on how to get to the hotel from the station so he found the way.

Once we got to the Best Western hotel he had me wait outside while he checked into the room because he had got a really good rate but it was only a two person room. After a while I went in and found out that the lady had put up a bit of a stink about him having two people instead of one like he had said so it’s good I stayed out side! Since the front lobby was in the entrance to the hotel our new plan of attack was to leave the hotel at separate times about 2 minutes apart.

The hotel was big for London standards but after coming from the Hilton it felt small to say the least. The elevator in the hotel was barely big enough for 3 people to cram in I kept thinking it would get stuck and we would die of no air. When we got off and opened up our room it was also pretty small two beds close together a small bathroom and a little desk with a flat TV beside it. Thinking we needed more room we dropped off our bags and headed for Trafalgar Square. At the square the Chinese new years celebration was at its peak with singing on a huge stage and lots of people watching. Trying to beat the crowd we walked into the National Gallery it turned out to be by donation and the paining inside where absolutely amazing I loved the Four Seasons.

Then we walked down to Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abby we where even lucky enough to walk by as Big Ben stuck five across from the London Eye. We walked back to Waterloo Station along the famous Thames River pronounced Taymes (I learned that the hard way). I also found out that the Thames River is the cleanest river next to any European city the reason it loots brown and dirty is because of its strong currents that turn up silt from the bottom. We managed to make it back from Waterloo Station to our hotel and we are now hitting snooze for the day.

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