Harods London’s Store For Royalty – Day 6

Today we got up at 9:00 and headed straight to the bus stop to pick up tickets for the musical Wicked a prequel of the Wizard of Oz. Apparently it is really good and it adds a hole new spin on the wicked witch. Yesterday we found the theater and discovered a way to get front row seat tickets for only 27 pounds instead of the 75 pounds and upwards that you usually pay for premium seats. To Find Out How Click Here. After we got the tickets for an awesome price we dropped them off at our hotel room (we didn’t want to carry them around all day) and began what would be a miserably hard and lost search for a bus.

Big Bus Tours gives you two days on there buses so yesterday we saw every where and took notes on what would be good places to stop. Today we are going to stop at all the places we saw yesterday and check them out.

To find the closest stop first I went to a place that sold tickets onto the bus and asked where the closest stop was… not to much luck. We walked around with the little map the man gave us and soon where hopelessly lost some where 20 minutes away. Frustrated we decided to take the underground to Victoria Station where we knew there was the correct bus stop. After making it there we walked up the block and found the stop.

At all the Big Bus Tour stops there is a man who tells you when the next bus is and sells tickets some are nice some are not. We asked the man at this stop when the next bus was and he told us in a couple of minutes. Then the man asked where our parents where… ya we figured we could make some thing up and when he wasn’t looking get on the bus so we did and then we waited. After about half an hour of trying to not look suspicious the bus finally came. To our dismay as the bus pulled up the man at the stop jumped on and started talking to the driver guess there was no sneaking past him.

So we decided walk to the next stop hoping it was close we started after the bus as it pulled out and watched as it turned a corner and disappeared around a corner all I could think was “this could take a while”. It turned out that the next stop was Buckingham Palace a good 45 minute walk with the route we took. Dieing of annoyance as we had walked all day and not got on one bus we made it to the stop and waited half and hour for the bus to get there. When it got there we walked on behind a family and in front of an old couple giving the driver no time to ask us questions we had no problems. The bus we got on had a recorded tour so we got some sweet ear buds and we got to see part of the city we had not seen yet. After a bit of sight seeing the bus pulled up to Harods one of the most famous stores in London every one on the hole bus got off.

Pulling a skeptic Dailin who didn’t want to see a store behind me we got off and walked in the front door. Inside was huge the store used an entire block and it was six stories tall selling every thing from pens and chocolate to beds and old fashion rocking horses. We walked around for hours and still didn’t see it all. We didn’t buy any thing because it was so expensive just to give you an idea the Royal Family shops there.

After we where finished we we called dad on our international phones and bussed back to the hotel room to meet him. We then left for the musical Wicked arriving 5 minutes before the doors closed we sorta cut it close. The musical was extremely well done from the acting to the props costumes and especially the set. The story line was very clever and put A totally new spin on this classic so people that see it are going to love it!
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