Blue Lagoon Iceland – Day 2

Today was by far the most exciting yet first off because we finally made it to Iceland and second because we visited Blue Lagoon a natural hot spring in the middle of a frozen wast land of lava rock and ice.

I was startled awake just as I was dozing off by the jarring landing of our flight. As I as I reorientated my self the thought came to me that we where at the very back of the airplane and it was going to take a long time to wait for all the people to get through customs. So I quickly packed up my carry on bag and as soon as the seat belt sign went off with a ding we raced as far up the airplane we made it to about row 20 before people blocked our way. So we waited till the people cleared ahead of us. Once we where off the aircraft we raced down the gang way weaving around people and took the stairs two at a time instead of using the escalator finally we got to the front of the line. Its sorta interesting though because we had to go through security after we got off the airplane. Eventually we got past customs after many question about traveling alone and picked up our bags. When we got to the ticket counter at 7:00am to buy tickets for admission and a bus ride to Blue Lagoon the lady told me that the fist bus didn’t leave till 9:00 (that mean 2 hours of reading my book). It sorta made our mad dash through customs pointless.

Before we knew it the bus pulled up and we loaded in our gear and climbed aboard and the bus pulled out. It takes about 25 minutes to get from the Keflavik Airport to Blue Lagoon but since it had just snowed the drive was great. Once we got there we took our bags out of the bus and brought them to the complementary baggage storage house FlyBus owned and put them away. Then we walked up the path to the check in counter because a resort is built on the hot spring so you have to go through them. The resort gave me and Dailin a blue bracelet with a micro chip in it that worked as a key for the lockers and a entrance ticket. After figuring out how the fancy lockers worked and changing we got into the hot spring. Once we got in the water we didn’t want to come out the ground was lava rock sand at some parts and there famous clay at others. At the Lagoon we explored there cave, bridges, steam rooms and there indoor hot spring.

After about two hours I decided I wanted to get some pictures and run up to the change room where our locker was. I opened it quickly (using my high tech bracelet) and felt for the pocket of my coat where the camera was supposed to be but to my shock it wasn’t there. In the next five minutes I turned to locker inside out looking and double checking every thing but could not find it. My first thought was that it had some how been stolen because it was worth $400 but then I remembered that it had been in my pocket on the bus.

When I got back to the hotel I immediately called the company and to my relief they had found it. I was so happy because I don’t exactly have the best record with cameras last year in Guatemala I left my dad’s $1,800 camera on a bus but in Guatemala they didn’t give it back. Hopefully I will stop by the bus station soon so I can pick up the camera and load the videos and pictures.

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