South Pacific Tips

  • Visit in the North American Summer Season if possible. The South Pacific Summer (North American Winter) is very hot as with most tropical locations.
  • Bring extra hats, books, sunscreen and sunglasses (especially for kids). Things are expensive in the South Pacific and these are essential items for the relaxing holiday you will experience.
  • South Pacific Time is a bit of a different schedule so be prepared for some laid back flexibility. I’ve been to a local travel company 20 minutes before closing and found it already closed with not a person in sight. Buses have been over 20 minutes late and guests we have invited over have been over 1 hour late.
  • With the laid back schedule many stores and shops shuts down at 12 noon on Saturday and almost everything including grocery stores are closed on Sunday. Prepare in advance accordingly.
  • Check around for the best snorkeling spots. Some areas have even more fantastic sea life to be viewed then others.

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