Show Discount Tips

  • Since you can only buy the front row seats the day of the musical the lines can be quite long. You can usually beat the lines by being 30-45 minutes early 30 minutes for the last pickings and 45 for the first (15 minutes makes all the difference).
  • Ask the day before you want to see a musical when the box office opens and what the lines are like in the morning. Normally 30 minutes early should be okay but better safe then sorry.
  • Make sure the theater participates in front row early morning seat sales. The theater beside Victoria Station in London England selling tickets to the musical Wicked participates and a few others do the same but call ahead or go to the office the day before and find out. Going there can also help you find it the next morning when you are tired and half awake.
  • Theaters usually only sell two tickets per person in the morning so if you have a group bring some friends along to help you stand in line.
  • They only have thirty front row seats so you better be there early if you don’t want a seat off to the side (trust me you don’t) and if you have a really big group plan accordingly.
  • If you would like more info on these tips visit our blog.

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