Shocking Results – Canadian Travellers Checklist

Shocking Results a Canadian Travellers Checklist of What Needs to Come on Your Trip!

Ensure safe travel and a “surprise free trip” by taking the following actions before your departure out of Canada.

Keep a passport on you that is still valid long after your scheduled return to Canada. Keep a photocopy of the identification page separate from your actual passport in case of misplacing it or theft.

Leave a few copies of you trip itinerary, passport identification page and travel insurance with your family and/or friends.

Make sure to have any visas that are required to enter the country long before you travel.

Obtain travel insurance and health insurance for the trip.

Plan out your travel itinerary and personal budget to avoid any hidden surprises.

Anticipate what your financial needs will be and prepare accordingly: Travellers cheques, departure taxes and most importantly local currency.

Remember health needs personal and for the county of admittance: prescriptions, vaccinations, medical certificates, supplies and extra glasses if necessary.

Find out if duel citizenship is an issue for you in entering your specific country.

If you are travelling with children bring your documentation of consent in accompanying them (court order, consent letter).

Make sure to register your self online with a Canadian Government office abroad.

Receive a driving permit or licence for your international country.

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