Passport Tips

  • Apply for you’re US Passports in the US. They can be sent back to the Postmaster and held for you.
  • Apply for Canadian Passports by processing it online because it is much quicker than filling out forms and easier to make corrections.
  • Ensure you provide alternate phone numbers such as your cell for references and guarantors.
  • Apply for your passport now if you think you will need it within the next 6 months that way you don’t have to stress about it at the last minute.
  • Apply for your passport in person if you need it relatively soon. Mailed in passports are currently taking no less than 8 weeks to process.
  • If you are re-applying for you’re passport in person (after sending it in) make sure to bring your courier tracking number to save on some express processing fees.

If you want more passport tips or info on how to get your passport and the processes involved visit our blog.

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