How To Get Free ($1) Flights

My Cheap ($1) WestJet Flight & How to get one!
What if a flight to any destination could be booked and the only cost $1? Well I am here to tell you it’s quite possible for you to get a $1 flight and it happened to me. Below is my story and how you can also get your one dollar WestJet flight.

In The Beginning…
I started my trip out like all the others I have taken comparing priced between this site and that. Eventually I settled for booking a WestJet flight with Cheap Tickets because they where actually a bit cheaper then the airline it’s self… Funny when that happens. But what was the price? $97 + Tax so now your asking how did I get it for $1? I am getting to that.

Here Is The Secret.
When I booked my flight I booked it at a busy time in the summer (July) AND I booked the connecting flight to take me through a busy airport (Toronto Pearson).

How I Beat Toronto
When I finally got on my way to the airport for my two week vacation to Mexico I had no clue what was about to happen. My flight to Toronto was smooth sailing other then a small bag mix up that was mostly my fault. Once in the Toronto Airport I was ready to kick back and wait out my 2 hour layover when the announcement came over the airport intercom “Would all WestJet travellers bound for Cancun, Mexico please come to gate B7 all WestJet travellers bound for Cancun, Mexico come to the agent desk at gate B7” Already at my gate I quickly jumped up and walked over to the agent desk where I was informed they had over booked my flight and where looking for one person to volunteer to stay in a hotel that night (Paid for by WestJet) and take a flight the following morning. I was eager to get to Mexico however and did not volunteer.
About an hour went by and many people had been up to the front desk to check in but it seemed apparent that no one wanted to miss their flight.

So Naturally They Forced Me
30 minutes before the flight left they called my name and made me come up to their desk. They informed me that I would have to be bumped and that they would give me 25% off my next flight with them. Not wanting to get bumped I argued for a bit and finally out of frustration put my travel agent on the phone with them.

My Free Flight
Ten minutes later I was walking out of the Toronto Airport with Free reservations to the Hilton and a Free round trip ticket to anywhere in North America WestJet flew. How did they do it? I don’t know but the guy at Cheap Tickets Canada must have known his stuff and I received a free trip.
If you want to get started on your free trip BE SURE TO:

  1. Book during a busy season of the year.
  2. Book your flights or connections through a busy airport.
  3. Book With Cheap Tickets!

So with these handy tips I hope you score yourself a free flight! But how did it cost me $1? Oh ya I bought a toy at the airport… Total cost of my trip? = $1

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