Kidz Can Travel: Packing Up

Today I packed up for my exciting two week adventure in Iceland and London.

My dad has already left and is going to be getting the hotel for us because he is going to be attending a conference for most of the time. In Iceland we are going to be exploring the country visiting “blue lagoon” hot springs and hopefully the volcano that recently exploded.

After three days we are flying over to London and spending almost a week there then we fly to Wales. In London we are going to see some awesome sites like the London Eye, Buckingham Palace. I am going to blog about the hole trip it’s going to be really cool. Keep updated and follow us around Europe and see what we do just three kids me (age 14) and my brother (age 12) the third… ya my dad counts.

Our only tools for the trip are bus tickets, a cell phone, 100$ USD and a bunch of papers my dad said where important but I have no clue what they mean… Hopefully we have it all figured out because there is no turning back now! We also have a shuttle pass from the Iceland airport to our hotel. Once we get to London we are pretty much free roaming the city. I will be doing a Video Journal and a this Blog so follow us its going to be great!
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