Kidz Can Travel: First Leg

Today we are starting the first leg of our journey by leaving Victoria and taking the 1.5 hour ferry boat ride to Vancouver. From there we will be driving to Seattle.

I am sorta freaked out because tomorrow we are catching our flight unaccompanied to Iceland. We had to cancel our flight from Victoria to Seattle because my brother is to young to fly in Canada. Interestingly enough the flights to travel internationally have different rules so he barely makes the minimum age.Some things to prepare for on your trip here.
Here is an Email I received with some travel tips for Iceland!

1) You have to pay lots for food on the flight so bring some food to eat.
2) When you clear customs at the airport you go through and then collect your bags.
3) After collecting your bags just before you go outside there is a shuttle bus desk for “flybus”. Go there and exchange your voucher for a ticket. You can pay USD and upgrade your ticket so that they will drop you off at the Blue Lagoon on the way to the hotel. Do this and you will love it. You will however need to wait until 9:30am = 2hrs before the shuttle will leave. Everyone speaks English. The only thing is bring some breakfast/lunch if you can. This will keep you awake until night over here and help you adjust.
4) Catch the shuttle to the Hilton Nordica from the Blue Lagoon 12:15 or 1:15pm.
5) There is a tour desk at the hotel. Don’t let them know there are 2 of you. One of you can come in and get the key and then the two of you can go to the room.
6) there is a skate rink and thermal pool within walking distance ask the tour desk

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