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Tips For Traveling With Children

When booking airline tickets for your friends or family don’t make the mistake of paying full price for children under two. Most airlines charge a fee for fuel on lap babies and you still have to pay tax, but in general, tickets for infants are quite cheap.

Just Ask!

Often times an airline will not fill up the seats 100%.Try mentioning to the booking agent you would like an empty seat beside you. If it does not fill up you can use it for your infant. If you do not have that option then mention to the person next to you that you have a baby and they may be happy to find another seat. The most popular seat on the airplane is an isle row. If you are planning on trading a seat try to book one in the isle row.
If you are traveling with a very young infant ask for the bulk head. There is extra foot room and they usually have a bassinet they can lend you that hooks on the wall in front of your seat.

Most Importantly…

The most important thing to do is to find out before hand what the airlines policy is on infants. Never let an airline charges extra for a car seat. There are different ways you can get cheap flights for your newborn.