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Looking For The Best Destination for Weddings?

Destination Weddings

Cheap Tickets Canada is happy to help you plan your destination wedding today. Not only can we help you plan your perfect destination wedding, but we can also provide you with group and leader discounts for groups of 8 or more people. We offer special group rates on flights, cruises, vacation packages and travel insurance.

Cheap Tickets Canada expertly caters to group travel including, but not limited to destination weddings. We believe that a couple should carefully choose and plan their dream wedding. We can help you to easily organize your dream wedding. From finding the perfect venue for your ceremony or reception, to enjoying the finest flights and accommodations for you and your guests, Cheap Tickets Canada is here for you.

We also have experience booking specialty groups such as Garden Tours, Cultural Tours, Cruises and School Groups to destinations such as Egypt, Belize, Mexico, Italy, China and New Zealand.

Travel For Free

We can offer one free group leader with groups as small as 8 individuals. Bring your family or friends along to earn yourself a free trip!

For more information please call us at 1-866-464-2432 Ext 103 or fill out our contact us form.

Group Travel

Experiencing an exciting adventure of a lifetime with your family or friends doesn’t mean to cost you a pound. With Cheap Tickets Canada’s decade of experience in planning travel for all kinds of group, you get most of the benefit of a special group travel packages. Among these are the security of traveling with experienced and friendly tour guide and special group rates on flights, cruises, vacation packages and travel insurance. We can also provide you list of the different tourist attractions in a particular city and the best places to stay. What’s more is when you book your group travel with us you may earn yourself a free trip.