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Sata Airlines

Are you planning a vacation or a trip? Looking for cheap flights? Look no further. Check out Cheap Tickets Canada for cheap Sata Airlines flights from Toronto and Montreal to Portugal, the Azores and Madeira.

SATA Flights from Toronto, Canada to Portugal fly into the cities of:


Flights to the Azores fly into the cities of:

Ponta Delgata*
S. Jorge
Santa Maria

Flights to Maderia go into the main airport at:


* Flights from Montreal operate to these cities.

Cheap Tickets Canada also offers connecting flights from dozens of other locations in Canada including Halifax, Ottawa, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Vancouver and Victoria. We are known for providing dedicated services in conjunction with our alliances with some of the best air carriers around the world including Sata Airlines.

Sata Airlines Flights

In this day and age of cut throat competition in airline fares, Cheap Tickets Canada in conjunction with Sata Airlines brings you cheap flights along with excellent customer service. Of all the regional carriers, Sata Airlines flights are considered some of the lowest fares around and they have been in business for almost sixty years. Currently there are sixty four Sata Airlines flights operating per week to worldwide destinations.

Sata Airlines Deals

Cheap Tickets Canada offers some very cheap Sata Airlines deals. Combined with their excellent services, Sata Airlines is the number one choice for travelling in the region. Sata Airlines flights serve over ten thousand seats per week. This alone speaks volumes for their high demand. If you want to travel from Lisbon to Toronto in the care of a good carrier look through Sata Airlines flight deals and choose the right one that suits you.

Sata Airlines Cheap Flights

Sata Airlines flight deals are very reasonable and preferred throughout the region, but this does not mean that service suffers or there is anything lacking in their quality of customer care. Sata claims that they instil old world charm, great customer care coupled with the latest technologies to bring you the very best in cheap flights. As they expand and continuously improve their routes and services, newer Sata Airlines deals are offered.

Sata Airlines Flights Search

Cheap Tickets Canada goes through a lot of effort to bring these Sata Airlines flight deals to their customer base. Their online flight search is very fast and is updated immediately when a booking is applied for. Sata employs the very latest Airbus aircraft which are both comfortable and spacious. This dispels any belief that airline tickets will be cheap at the cost of poor services.

Sata Airlines Seat Sales

Although Sata has been around for a considerable time, it is with the advent of online ticketing sites such as Cheap Tickets Canada that regular and holiday travellers are able to take advantage of Sata Airlines deals. Cheap Tickets Canada, continuously, strives to keep its customers aware of all really great travel deals.