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Book Cheap Flights with Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines Cheap Flights

Alaska Airlines cheap flights where first offered in 1932 when Linous Mac McGee painted “McGee airlines” of the side of a stinson plane and started flying out of Anchorage. This is the company that would eventually become Alaska airlines. Two years later McGee merged with Star Air Service and they began the largest company with a total of twenty two aircraft. In 1937 Alaska interior airlines was purchased. In 1942 the name was changed to Alaska star airlines and in 1944 to Alaska Airlines. In 1950 two more carriers were purchased and this expanded the airlines. In the 50’s a decorated war pilot from world war II came in as CEO and brought with him in flight movies. The 1960’s marked a time of change, the attendants on each flight wore decorated costumes and in flight announcements became rhymes. In 1970 the company finally turned a profit and it was believed that the company would be stable for a long period of time. The biggest change of the 1980’s came in 1988 when Alaska airlines expanded services to Mexico. In the mid 1990’s the company streamlined and offered low cost/ low fare carriers. This revved up the customer base and made huge profits for the company. In the current decade of the 2000’s there have been many additions to services and many flights added to Mexico.

Alaska Airlines Awards

Alaska Airlines have received many awards for excellent services. Alaska Airlines has come to be known as an excellent company to book your travelling needs with. At Alaska Airlines you are guaranteed to receive the best possible customer service. Your satisfaction with Alaska airlines is of utmost importance.
1. J.D. Power and Associates – Best in customer satisfaction
2. Executive Travel – Best Domestic Frequent Flyer Award
3. Federal Aviation Administration – Diamond Award for training excellence
4. Air Transport World – 2011 Technology Leadership Award
5. Flight – On time performance award
6. Frequent Traveller Awards -Alaska Airlines Visa named best loyalty credit card
7. Freddie Awards – 02. 04. 07. 08 for frequent flier award program (most prestigious awards)
8. HRC – Best places to work 2010
9. Seattle Business Magazine – 100 best companies to work for 2009
10. Smarter Travel – Most Pet Friendly

Alaska Airlines Checked Baggage

Alaska Airlines has important policies that should be followed in order to check your baggage and avoid additional fees. Each checked bag must weigh fifty pounds or less and have a dimension of sixty two linear inches. Linear inches means length plus height plus width. If the dimensions exceed the recommendations you will be subject to additional fees. Alaska Airlines will make every effort possible to ensure that your needs are met. Alaska Airlines wants your trip to be comfortable and accommodating. Your baggage charges can be paid when checking in or at an airport kiosk and for faster serve use a credit or debit card. Checked bags can only be accepted up to four hours before scheduled departure to ensure that your bags are on your flight. The following items can be checked without fees:
1. Strollers and car seats
2. Wheelchairs
Also some customers will not have to pay a fee
1. Those making international connections
2. Those travelling out of Santa Rosa

Alaska Airlines Carry On Baggage

You are allowed to have one carry on bag and every effort will be made to make accommodations for each traveller. At Alaska airlines your bag can measure (including wheels and handles) 10 x 17 x 24 inches. Your carry on bag will be limited to space availability, if there is no space available your bag will be checked with no charge and available to you at your ending destination.

Alaska Airlines Special Baggage

Accommodations will be made for those with special baggage. Check with the front desk to see what options are available. Alaska airlines will gladly help you with all special baggage needs. Make sure that you speak with representatives at Alaska airlines so that your needs are met in a timely manner.

Alaska Airlines Checking In

Alaska Airlines lets you check in and get boarding passes one to twenty four hours prior to take off. You can check in via internet or at the reception desk upon arrival. You must make sure that you have all boarding passes at least one hour prior to departure.

Alaska Airlines Travelling With Children

Alaska Airlines makes it fun to travel with children. It is recommended that you pack small comfort items such as small snacks and security blankets to make your children comfortable. You should also bring coloring books and activity pads to keep them busy. Children must be screened at security check point. If a child turns two en route then a ticket must be purchased, if they are under two it is free. If you are travelling with an infant it is highly recommended that they are restrained in a proper car seat. Diaper bags count towards carry on allowance. You may also hold the infant on your lap if you prefer. If an infant is travelling in a car seat then a ticket must be purchased as they will be occupying a seat. Alaska airlines is a family friendly carrier and will make sure that your needs are met while travelling with children. Alaska airlines also wants to make sure that the safest measures possible are taken so that it is a safe and enjoyable flight for you and your children.

Alaska Airlines Travelling With Pets

Alaska Airlines travelling with pets is limited in space and subject to availability. When travelling with your pet in the cabin your pet is considered your carry on item. The only additional item that you are allowed to have is a purse or briefcase or any personal item. Reservations are accepted up to twenty four hours prior to departure.

Alaska Airlines In Flight Service

Alaska Airlines offers many different in flight services available for passengers. There are in flight Wi-fi services for wireless internet. There are also inflight movies available. You must reserve the movies at least twenty four hours prior to flight. If you prefer there is also an inflight meal service available. The meals differ from each class. Coach and first class differ but they are still very good foods. There are also mini bars as well.

Alaska Airlines Fleet

There are twelve numbers in fleet. Passenger capacity: 1st class holds 16 and coach holds 152. Wingspan for aircraft is 117 ft. There are two pilots and four attendants. The typical cruise speed is 530 mph.

Alaska Airlines Lounge

Alaska Airline Lounge lets you purchase yearly memberships or one time passes to the Alaska airlines board room. This is considered to be an oasis for travellers who want to escape the hustle and bustle. You have relax and have a drink while waiting for a flight. You can bring along your immediate family at no additional charge. Alaska Airlines knows that a well needed break from the noise and crowds is highly needed while travelling. The board room at Alaska airlines is the place to go when you are in need of that well deserved travelling break.