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Swanberg Air

Swanberg Air is a Canadian Airline that is based in Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada. The theory of Swanberg Air is that if their employees are the first priority, they will be happy and friendly. When the employees are excited and eager, they treat passengers as special guests, so in turn, the customer is happy and they will be more likely to return to Swanberg Air. Customers can go online for deals such as seat sales and cheap airline tickets for their flights.

Swanberg Air Flights & Ticketing

Passengers booking flights on Swanberg air can book cheap flights online or through the phone. Booking early has advantages of seat sales, cheap tickets, cheap flights and cheap airline tickets. Swanberg Air wants its customers to enjoy a warm and friendly environment and have the best flying experience. Customer service is the number one goal at Swanberg Air. The baggage allowance for Swanberg Air is forty pounds per customer, which includes any carry on luggage. Customers are required to check in thirty minutes before scheduled departure and cancellations are non-refundable. Instead of refunding flights, the company will give credit to any future flights.

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Cheap Flights

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