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Porter Airlines Flights

Porter Airlines had its maiden flight on October 23, 2006, which went to Ottawa Canada. Porter Airlines is headquartered in Toronto Canada, there planes are easy to spot. The Canadian built Bombardier with the white body and dark blue tail fin with the Porter logo on it. If you are looking for cheap flights that offer the best of the best, look no further than Porter Airlines as they are the only airline in Canada to get a four star rating from Skytrax. Skytrax is the world largest airline review site. Today, while other airlines are downsizing Porter is looking to make more destinations available, by expanding its flight service.

Porter Airlines flights not only go to Halifax, Moncton, Mont Tremblant, Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa and of course Toronto, just to name a few. Porter also has international cheap flights into the United States to places like Boston, Chicago, Newark, and Myrtle Beach, Can you say it is time for a vacation to the beach and sunnier weather? What about a cheap business flight that will not only make you look like a winner to the boss, by saving your company money but, will get you there in style and comfort? If you are questioning Porter Airlines flights style and comfort look no further even Queen Elizabeth II flew Porter when she went to Canada in 2010, if that doesn’t say class I do not know what does. When you are ready to book your future trip go through Canadian Tickets Cheap, get to where you are going with cheap flights and a company you can count on. Let us not forget, Porter Airlines flights have been proposed to go to other cities as well to include Washington D.C.

With Porter Airlines flights preparation for your flight could not be easier with the help of their great staff. When you check in for your cheap flights at the airport remember, to be one hour before departure time for flights in Canada and one and a half hours for travel to the United States. Remember to take your small dog or cat on your trip with Porter Airlines; the only requirement is that your pet is kept in an airline approved carrier that will fit under the seat in front of you. The seats are some of the best in there class with a leather headrest and upholster. Let me also point out that the leg room is second to none and with the 2 x 2 seating, eliminating the middle row, you can avoid that claustrophobic feeling. Porter Airlines flights allow you two carry-ons the largest one measuring 43cm x 16cm x 33cm (17in x 6in x 13in). Porter Airlines also allows your main bag of 23kg (50lbs) and 159cm (62in), the sum of the length, width and height, for free and only a five Dollar fee for each kilogram over. An additional bag on Porter Airlines Flights will run you just a twenty dollars fee each direction you travel. As you can see the value of cheap flights through Porter is second to none, not only is the staff considered by many to be the best but, Porter goes above and beyond with every customer, even down to free internet access while you are waiting for flight. Keep in mind that Porter Airlines friendly staff will offer you a soft drink, beer or wine on your flight.

When planning for your next vacation, look to Canadian Tickets Cheap for all of your Porter Airlines Flights. Porter Airlines flights goes hand in hand with Canadian Tickets Cheap, when you think of one it should always make you think of the other. Canadian Tickets Cheap has been meeting travelers’ needs since 1998 by providing the very best travel deals around. After you have booked your cheap flights on Porter Airlines through Canadian Tickets Cheap enjoy the ride. Porter Airlines friendly staff will offer you a soft drink, beer or wine on your flight. So, when you are looking for cheap flights on Porter always look to Canadian Tickets Cheap first.