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Why Cheap Tickets To Vancouver?

Cheap tickets to Vancouver are easy to find with Cheap Tickets Canada. Vancouver is located along the coast of the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver received its name from George Vancouver, a British captain who mapped and explored the area for the first time in the 1790’s. Vancouver airport is a main hub for international travel to and from Canada, as well as a favourite destination for many travelers around the globe. Air Canada flights, as well as many other airlines, service flights to and from Vancouver on a daily basis. Not only is Vancouver a popular hub and destination, but it is also one of the most popular seaports in Canada for Western cruises to California, Alaska, and many other destinations. Cheap Tickets Canada can help you plan your trip to Vancouver today!

Things to do in Vancouver

There are many fun and exciting things you can do while you’re visiting Vancouver. For starters, Vancouver is home to Stanley Park, the third-largest park in North America. Stanley Park is visited by roughly eight million visitors each year. Surrounding the perimeter of the park, the world famous Seawall is a must see. A 5 and a half mile path along the ocean, the Seawall welcomes walkers, joggers, bikers and dog walkers alike. The park is also home to a nature center, the Vancouver Aquarium, and other recreational facilities. Do not miss Stanley Park while you’re in town!

Lynn Canyon, located just 10 minutes from downtown Vancouver, offers the perfect nature experience for the wildlife enthusiast. The canyon is filled with enchanted, old, mossy forestry; intertwined by great trails and stairs in steep places, with glistening water falls and swimming holes tucked away in the most magical places. This incredible 617-acre forest is best known for the scenic Lynn Canyon suspension bridge. 

Port Metro Vancouver is a new name for the port of Vancouver, an extremely popular shipping port that is now the largest and busiest in Canada, as well as the fourth largest port in North America (by tonnage). Although many know that lumber is the dominant industry in Vancouver, people come from all over to see the raw nature around the city centre, making tourism the second largest industry. It has been nicknamed “Hollywood cinema in the North” because it is the also the third largest film production centre in North America.