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Air Canada Flights

Air Canada, Canada’s flag carrier, is the largest full service airline in Canada and together with its regional partner Jazz, serves over 32 million customers annually providing cheap flights to five continents.

Air Canada Destinations

As well as servicing over 67 cities within Canada, Air Canada and its partner airlines provide international service including flights to Europe, the Pacific, Caribbean, Central and South America. Based out of Montreal, Air Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of ACE Aviation Holdings Inc.

Air Canada Cheap Flights & Beginnings

Air Canada cheap flights where first offered when the airline was Founded and began operating in 1936. Air Canada was previously know as Trans-Canada Airlines or TCA as it was often called until 1965 when it officially received the name Air Canada.
Air Canada is a founding member of Star Alliance™, providing the world’s most comprehensive air transportation network of over 20 airline members that was established in the late 90’s. Some of the airlines that are not a part of Star Alliance are airlines such as EVA Air, Jet Airways, Mexicana and Qantas.

Air Canada Seat Sales

What’s An Air Canada Seat Sale?

During an Air Canada seat sale, you can usually save up to 70% off the regular price of flights by booking with Cheap Tickets Canada. When you save money by booking with us we hope you enjoy the comfort of knowing that all your purchases are protected 100%.

When Are Air Canada Seat Sales On?

Air Canada seat sales are happening all throughout the year. When an Air Canada seat sale is on that is usually a great opportunity to book your flights cheaper than what is often available. Check back with us often as Cheap Tickets Canada will give you information on all the seat sale Air Canada is offering.

Air Canada’s Awards

Air Canada was named ‘Best Airline in North America’ in a global survey of more than 17 million airline travelers as was announced in Hamburg, Germany at the Skytrax World Airline Awards. Skytrax survey was conducted between the months of July 2009 and April 2010, using over 38 different aspects of the product of airline passenger satisfaction level and service standards. This annual survey is considered key tool for measuring passenger satisfaction with airlines all around the world.

Air Canada Today

Air Canada is ranked the 9th largest Airline in by fleet size in the world and the world’s eighth largest passenger airline by number of destinations. The airline was started by the Canadian government in 1936 and by 2008 had received nearly $10 billion in passenger revenues. Today Air Canada offers cheap flights to over 170 destinations worldwide in over 30 countries, including the Kingdom of Netherlands and a couple overseas territories in both France and Britain.

All the aircraft’s that Air Canada operates have a distinct Maple Leaf emblem painted on the back rudder of the airplane. This symbol for most of the aircraft’s is red except on the Air Canada Jazz fleet they can also be green or orange.


Air Canada Check-In and Ticketing Information

Air Canada offers four popular options for travelers checking in for there flights:

1. Check-In at the Airport Counter:

You can check-in for your flight conveniently and quickly at the Air Canada counter in your airport.

2. Day Before or Early Check-in:

Checking-in early lets you to save time at the airport and check-in for your flights online up to 24 hours in before your flight departs. To check-in early visit the Air Canada online check-in page and they will walk you throught it. After you check-in you can print out your boarding pass and proceed right to the security gate (if you are not checking any baggage). If you need to check your baggage, make sure to drop by the Air Canada counter. If you don’t have a printer Don’t worry. When you get to the Airport, use one of the many Kiosk`s to print out your Boarding Passes.

3. Electronic Kiosk Check-In

If you want to skip the airport counter lines on a busy travel day Air Canada offers quick check-in services for passengers through the electronic kiosks. usually, the kiosks for Air Canada contain the airline logo and can be found near the Air Canada ticket counter. With the Air Canada kiosks you can check-in up to 12 hours before your scheduled departure time.

4. Mobile Device Check-In

Air Canada now offers a new, quick and easy Mobile Check-in option. You are able to check-in for all your flights no matter where you are located. To check-in Visit the page and select the “Check-in” option.

Air Canada Luggage Information And Allowance

Economy Class Baggage Information

If you are traveling in the Economy Class you are allowed to check in 2 pieces of baggage, they can weigh up to 32 kg a bag and with dimensions (Length + Width + Height) up to 158 cm. When you are flying on Economy Class your baggage allowance can change based on your Air Canada frequent flyer status.

First Class Baggage Information

If your are traveling Business Class on Air Canada or Executive First Class you are allowed to check in an extra piece of of luggage (3 bags all together), as long as they do not exceeding 32 kg per bag and with dimensions (Length + Width + Height) up to 158 cm.

Traveling With An Infant Baggage Information

For those traveling with an infant under 2 years old you will be allowed to check in 2 additional pieces of baggage, that weigh up to 23 kg each, with dimensions (Length + Width + Height) not more than 158 cm.

Air Canada Carry-On Baggage Information

On Air Canada flights you can take 1 piece of carry on luggage with you on your flights for free along with 1 personal item. The standard carry-on baggage can weigh up to 10 kg, and have the total dimension (Length + Width + Height) of 118 cm.

Air Canada Operating Fleet

Air Canada operates a fleet made up mostly of Boeing and Airbus aircraft’s

including the Air Canada Jazz fleet of 133. The Air Canada fleet consists of: Boeing 777s, 767s, Airbus A330, A321s, A320s, A319s, Embraer 190s and 175s. The Air Canada Jazz fleet consists of: Canadair CRJ and De Havilland Dash.

Air Canada Seating Arrangements

Air Canada offers three popular options for seating travelers on there flights:

Air Canada Economy Class (International Destinations)

Air Canada’s Economy Class seating has around 35 inches between the seats. Depending on your final destination, Economy Class includes individual 9 inch seat back touch screen TV, in-seat power plugin for use with your laptop, an adjustable headrest, a blanket and pillow and more.

Air Canada Business (Executive) Class

Business Class seating on Air Canada has a about 60 inches between the seats. Air Canada Business Class also includes individual 9 inch touch screen TV, guaranteed window or aisle access and adjustable head rests and foot rests.

Air Canada Executive First Class

Air Canada First Class seating offers comfortable lie-flat beds, soft duvet pillow and blanket, a personal touch screen video monitors, guaranteed aisle access along with a lot of other nice features and on the 777 aircraft’s Air Canada includes a self-serve bar.

Air Canada And Flying With Pets

(Don’t Leave Rover Home)

Taking flights with your pets on Air Canada can be a fun and safe experience if you follow the airline rules and regulations. Pets can only be brought to destination where the regulations of the country permit, and subject to the terms and conditions specified by that country. Often times your Pets can travel with you in the cabin on flights, in the hold with cargo or in the hold as your checked baggage. Always ask us about it when booking flights for you and your pets.