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Air Canada Jazz History

Air Canada Jazz is Canada’s largest regional air carrier and one of the largest regional airlines in the world, serving over 80 destinations in both Canada and the United States. Air Canada Jazz (Regional Inc) was created in 2001 due the consolidation of the four airlines AirBC, Air Nova, Air Ontario, and Canadian Regional. When this merger was finalized in 2002, the new brand named Air Canada Jazz was created. In addition to public flights, Air Canada Jazz also offers private charted flights. Air Canada Jazz flights include major cities such as: Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, New York City, Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle and many, many more. Air Canada Jazz deals with very cheap flights so you can find yourself a good price on many top destinations in North America that Air Canada Jazz has to offer.

Air Canada Jazz Awards

Air Canada Jazz has been awarded the 2011 Fly Quiet Award from the Port of Seattle Commission.
This award honors the airline carriers who work hard to reduce the jet noise from their aircraft in the region. Air Canada Jazz flights have done a great job with this, thus winning first place.

Air Canada Jazz In Flight Service

Air Canada Jazz Flights provide one of the best in-flight services in the industry. They offer complimentary beverages and also provide alcoholic beverages for 6 dollars. Air Canada Jazz has a shop called On-board Cafe which allows passengers to buy snacks for flights two hours or longer.

Air Canada Jazz Seating Options

Airline seating options on Air Canada Jazz flights vary to the needs of the consumer. They provide two cabin options on-board most of their flights; economy class and executive class. Air Canada Jazz deals with a variety of customers coming from all economic backgrounds so they offer such cabins to suit their needs.

Air Canada Jazz Traveling With Pets

Pets on Air Canada Jazz flights are completely appreciated and allowed, though there are some restrictions. Air Canada Jazz deals with pets daily, and have implemented restrictions to make travelling comfortable for all. The maximum allowable weight of your pet and crate combined, is 10 kilograms (22 pounds). The maximum carrier size allowed is 23 centimeters by 40 cm by 55 cm for hard sized carriers and 27 centimeters by 40 cm by 55 cm for soft sided carriers. The cost of your dog or cat riding in the cabin with you varies but it will either be 50 to 100 dollars each direction. For your cat or dog to ride in the baggage compartment, the maximum allowable weight is 32 kilograms (70 pounds) for the pet and the pet carrier combined. The maximum kennel sized that will be allowed is 292 cm or 115 in. The charge for allowing your cat or dog to fly on Air Canada Jazz flights in the baggage compartment is 105 dollars each direction. You must register your pet beforehand if you wish for it to travel with you.

Air Canada Jazz Check In

Air Canada Jazz deals with check-ins very easily and smoothly. There are a multiple different types of check ins. They include web check-in, mobile check-in, self service check-in and regular check-in. Please use the one that best fits your need for our cheap flights. Recommended check in times varies any tine to 60 to 90 minutes due to the location and destination.

Air Canada Jazz Flights

Air Canada Jazz is the best because of their inexpensive cheap flights and long list of destinations they serve in North America. Air Canada Jazz deals are very good for active travelers. Booking with Cheap Tickets Canada will be your best bet. They are the number one company for find very inexpensive flights in Canada and beyond. Cheap Tickets Canada customer service is second to none and they will help relentlessly to find the price and the tickets you seek.