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Air Labrador

Air Labrador is another Canadian airline and it is one of the oldest and most successful running airlines in the world. They provide services for the Labrador and Quebec North Shore regions. Air Labrador is a modern airline that is recognized for their quality of service that is provided to their customers. Their values are based off of integrity, professionalism, customer care as well as safety. Air Labrador has more than 30,000 customers flying on various flights a year and has more than 150 employees throughout their many operations.

Air Labrador Flights & Ticketing

Like many other airlines, reservations for Air Labrador can be made through the phone or online. Air Labrador offer special promotions during certain holidays and throughout the summer for even cheaper tickets and seat sales, unlike many other airlines. During flights, meals and drinks are provided to all of the passengers free of charge. Also free magazines and newspapers, as well as audio, and video on demand are available. Also Air Labrador prides themselves on clean facilities such as toilets and restrooms. These airlines that were mentioned throughout this article are just a few examples of the good air service of America and Canada.