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Cheap Tickets Canada is happy to accept credit card payments, paypal transcations, cash payments or direct deposit transactions.

Cash Payment Accepted for flights and travel at over 1,100 locations in Canada

Call Cheap Tickets Canada for information on the location nearest you at 1-866-464-2432.

Cash Payment

If you don’t have a credit card or do not want to pay for your travel expenses by credit card we have a solution for you. We accept Cash Payment! There are over 1100 locations in Canada where you can pay for your seat sale airline tickets, cruises, vacation packages, travel insurance or other holiday needs.

How We Are Saving You Money

Some airlines and other travel suppliers do not accept Cash, but we do. Book your travel plans today and know what the final cost will really be without depending on high interest credit cards.

How To Save

To pay by cash you will first need to phone one of our sales agents to place a flight or other travel booking on hold. You will then need to pay for your travel purchase by telephone banking or at one of many locations near you. Upon confirmation of your payment, we will immediately confirm your reservation and issue you with an electronic ticket receipt.

Cheap Tickets Canada is registered with Consumer Protection BC which protects every penny you pay for your travel needs.