Booking By Phone

Why Book By Phone?

1. With complex travel plans the human touch can help a lot. Often times when you are trying to coordinate flights, hotels and some times a cruise it can be challenging to do it all online. Booking by phone can help.
2. Sometimes you can get better flight deals over the phone. Every once in a while websites will not get the data for a great flight deal that comes up but agents will.
3. Agents are specialists on travel and can give expert advice. Sometimes there is that one question that you just can’t find the answer to.

When You Call Remember to Ask:

  • Ask whether there is pricing and availability for an alternative airline.
  • Ask if savings are possible by purchasing your accommodation, too.
  • Use the expertise of the assistant who may suggest cheaper dates/routing.
  • Ask us if your ticket will earn you mileage or if you can get our TRAVEL FREE points.
  • You can usually hold the seat 24 hours without a charge if you still want to look around.
  • If it is a discounted ticket be sure you are comfortable with the restrictions.
  • Ask if discount fares are offered for children, seniors or students if those apply to you.

After They Find Your Deal:

  • Recap all details before ending call – flight numbers, date, times, day of the week, connections, how your name is spelled etc.
  • Ask the name of the person you are speaking to and their phone extension number.

Book By Phone Now: 1-866-GO-4-Cheap

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