Osama Bin Laden’s Death And How It’s Affecting Travel

Osama bin Laden’s Death Osama bin Laden, the terrorist mastermind responsible for the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, was killed by US Navy SEALs in an intense firefight earlier this week. He was tracked down based on information first taken years ago from detainees at a secret CIA prison in Eastern Europe, officials announced Monday. […]

Need Cheering Up – Go Visit an Airport!

Arriving at the airport an hour before another friend of mine I sat down at perhaps what may be considered a front-running contender to Disney as the happiest place on earth. For anyone who is having a bad day or wants a bit of cheering up, all you have to do is go to your […]

Shocking Results – Canadian Travellers Checklist

Shocking Results a Canadian Travellers Checklist of What Needs to Come on Your Trip! Ensure safe travel and a “surprise free trip” by taking the following actions before your departure out of Canada. Keep a passport on you that is still valid long after your scheduled return to Canada. Keep a photocopy of the identification […]

How To Get Free ($1) Flights

My Cheap ($1) WestJet Flight & How to get one! What if a flight to any destination could be booked and the only cost $1? Well I am here to tell you it’s quite possible for you to get a $1 flight and it happened to me. Below is my story and how you can […]

Canada Adventure

Trip Across Canada & the USA Version Française . From May 30 to August 25, 2009 Cheap Tickets Canada.com President, Normand Schafer and his family of 8 embarked on a 21,000 km, high tech trip across Canada and the USA to uncover some of the greatest places to visit. The trip started in Victoria, British […]