Broadway Musical Tips That Will Save You A Small Fortune

We have all heard the horror stories about sitting at the back of the theater. The show may be great but you are constantly squinting and leaning forward to see around Mr. Tall ahead of you. I know the feeling and how to over come it getting cheaper tickets for your pocket and better seats for your eyes.

London-At-Night-CustomWhen I was in London I saw two Broadway musicals Les Miserables from the very back of the theater and Wicked a prequel to the Wizard of Oz from the best seats in the house front row. The difference was incredible and to tell you the truth it only cost 6 pounds more for front row! Hopefully these five tips will get you to the best seats for only 27 pounds and save you the 75 and upward pounds you spend on premium seats.

So whats the secret? The trick is standing in line in the morning on the day of the performance for the tickets that are in high demand. The box office only sells front row seats the day of the musical and they are usually gone really quick.

This is how you get the tickets you want:

1. Since the front row seats can only be bought the day of the musical the lines can be quite long. You can usually beat the lines by being 30-45 minutes early 30 minutes for the last pickings and 45 for the first (15 minutes makes all the difference).

2. Ask when the box office opens and what the lines are like in the morning normally 30 minutes should be okay but better safe then sorry.

3. Make sure the theater dose this. The theater beside Victoria Station in London selling tickets to the musical Wicked dose and I am sure others must do the same but call ahead or go to the office the day before (going there can also help you find it the next morning when you are tired and half awake).

4. They only sell two tickets per person so if you have a group bring some friends along to help you stand in line. wicked-musical-london-poster-Custom

5. They only have thirty front row seats so you better be there early if you don’t want a seat off to the side (trust me you don’t) and if you have a really big group… some one gets the back!

So there you have it I hope these tips have been useful and the best of luck at finding the perfect seat!

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