How to Access Your Home Computer While Travelling


While away traveling I typically use a laptop and have no problems whatsoever. However on occasion, while away I remember I need something on my computer back home. Sometimes its a scan of a document or a photo or file. To combat this difficulty I have started using Remote PC. A software that lets me access my computers remotely (while traveling).

The service is pretty powerful and lets you connect with 1 – Unlimited computers. The great thing for me is that I only really need to connect to 1 computer and that comes at a wonderful cost of FREE! If for some reason you need to connect more computers you have to pay but for the moment the first computer is free. I’ll attach the pricing below:

I love the Remote Access service they provide and if you ever need to connect remotely while traveling I would highly recommend you check it out!

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on Apr 14, 2018

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