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Flight Reconfirmations & Changes

Can I change my airline tickets without a fee?

There are certain conditions which allow you to change your airline tickets for free. Depending on the airline, you may be able to change without a fee if you make the change on the same day you booked your tickets. Also if you book your tickets well in advance (more than 4 months) airlines usually will have at least some schedule changes. If your flights have been affected by a schedule change, the airline that changed their schedule will allow you to rebook your flights on alternate flights for the same day. While they may propose to protect you on new flights, if you don’t like the new flight connections or times, we can usually arrange for better flight times at no additional cost.

How do I re-confirm my flights times?

You may phone the airline directly 12-24 hours prior to your outbound and return flight times, visit the airline’s website or call us and we will reconfirm flight times for an additional fee.

How much does it cost to change my flights?

The price to change an airline ticket can vary depending on the airline, the routing and the type of ticket. Ticket changes may range from $150 to $1000+ per person. If you would like to make a change to your ticket you will need to contact us by email to inquire about your ticket change fees. Please include your full name, your 6 digit confirmation number and the dates or times you would like to change your ticket to. Generally speaking, it is more expensive to change the outbound flight prior to departure as the ticket has to be voided and completely re-issued. Changing the return flights with an airline AFTER departure is generally less expensive.

Is it really necessary to reconfirm my travel booking?

Yes, it is possible for airlines to make changes to your flight times. By reconfirming your flights 24 to 48 hours in advance of both your outbound and return flights you will be made aware of any possible changes. You can reconfirm your flights directly on the airline’s website or for a fee with one of our travel agents.

When booking online can I make a stopover with an international flight schedule?

Stopovers cannot be processed online. Depending upon the rules of the international ticket being purchased it may be possible to stop in a city en-route to your destination at no charge. Please contact one of our booking agents by phone prior to or as soon as you complete your booking to see if this is possible. If necessary we can inform you on any costs associated with such a change if applicable.

General Questions

How do I know I will get the services I pay for?

As soon as you book on our website you will receive an email confirmation of your travel booking. Travel purchases made through Cheap Tickets Canada are protected against supplier default through its registration through Consumer Protection BC – Licence #25952. Travel insurance such as trip cancellation and medical insurance must be purchased separately to protect your travels due to personal circumstances.

How long has Cheap Tickets Canada been around for?

Cheap Tickets Canada has been in operation through its parent company since 1996. The Cheap Tickets website was launched three years later in 1999.

What is Cheap Tickets Canada?

Cheap Tickets Canada is an online and retail travel agency. We provide the convenience of either booking online or having a travel consultant assist you with your travel plans. Our website links hundreds of airlines and suppliers for your convenience. We compare bulk wholesale discounts with regular airfares and seat sales in order to find you the best price that meets your travel needs.

Online Bookings and Tools

Are prices the same if I call to book over the phone verses what I see on your website?

In most cases bookings made through our call center are slightly more than those booked on our website. By calling one of our call center specialists however, they are able to give you additional advice, assistance and information should you need a little more guidance with your travel plans.

Is there a way to pay for travel services without a credit card?

Yes, if you book over the phone with one of our agents, you can make a cash payment at any TD Canada Trust Branch in Canada or by TD telephone banking if you have a TD account. If you live in Victoria, BC you are also welcome to stop by our office to pay for your travel arrangements.

What does my flight say sold out?

“Sold Out” means that the travel arrangements are not available at the price originally listed. Due to the fact that thousands of people have access to the same flights you see on our website at the same time, a flight may be booked by someone else before you are able to complete your booking. Please call one of our agents if you need assistance with a booking as more seats may still be available for the same price on alternate flights or on the same flights at a slightly higher price.

What is a wholesale airline ticket?

A wholesale airline ticket is a specially negotiated reduced bulk ticket price we have obtained from various airlines due to large buying power. These ticket prices are generally much lower than the airline ticket prices quoted by each airline. Please note that wholesale tickets are extremely restrictive and changes are more expensive than regular tickets.

What phone number can I call to book my travel arrangements over the phone?

If you prefer booking your travel arrangements with a travel agency booking agent rather than booking online, please call toll free 1-866-GO-4-CHEAP (464-2432) or 1 (250) 386-5555 in Victoria, BC.

When booking cruises what does NCCF stand for?

NCCF stands for the taxes and port charges that must be paid for at the time of booking. This represents the amounts collected by the cruise lines which is transferred directly to government agencies in the form of taxes.

When booking flights or vacation packages at the last minute what does S 249 mean?

S 249 is not a price, it is an error code. This error message occurs when you are trying to book something within a few days of travel. For last minute travel please call us and we will be more than happy to assist you in giving you a price for your travel arrangements.

Why are there two or more charges on my credit card statement?

The prices we quote on our website may be charged to your credit card as multiple charges. In some instances for example, we process an initial deposit to validate your credit card before issuing your tickets. Total up all charges to your credit card and they will be the same as what we quoted you for your travel arrangements.

Why can I not see flight reservations on line under “View Trip”?

Only selected flights booked online can be viewed using the “View Trip” feature of our website. In particular most bookings that include a 6 digit alpha-numeric booking number can be viewed here along with electronic tickets. Also, please check your email to see if we have contacted you in regards to your booking as we may need to verify more information before your tickets are issued.


Are electronic ticket valid for the flights I book?

Paper tickets are no longer used for travel with most airlines worldwide. Instead tickets are issued electronically (e-tickets). An electronic ticket consists of a series of 13 numbers. The first three digits designates the airline that is the airline of record for the ticket. The next 9 digits are the actual ticket number.
If more than one airline is used on a ticket and the different airlines do not have a reciprocal ticketing arrangement, it is possible that multiple electronic tickets will be issued with separate ticket numbers.

How long do I have to wait before I receive my electronic ticket?

Generally all e-tickets are sent by email to the email address you provide during the booking process unless you specifically request them to be mailed or faxed to you. Please note that a fee applies if you would like documents mailed or faxed to you. You should have your electronic tickets within 1 day although it may take longer if we need to verify any of your information. Please note that some email service providers such as “Hotmail” may block emails from reaching you. Should this occur please contact our office.

Is it really necessary to reconfirm my travel booking?

Yes, it is possible for airlines to make changes to your flight times. By reconfirming your flights 24 to 48 hours in advance of both your outbound and return flights you will be made aware of any possible changes. You can reconfirm your flights directly on the airline’s website or for a fee with one of our travel agents.

Why can some tickets with multiple airlines not be issued? (ex. Air Canada and WestJet)

Some airlines like Air Canada and WestJet do not allow their flights to be issued on one ticket because they do not have a mutual ticketing agreement (due to competition reasons). Although it is sometimes possible to price these tickets together online, they must be split apart as two separate tickets. This usually causes the price to change. If this occurs we will requote the separate ticket prices or give you the option to cancel your booking.

Why does my flight say pending?

Pending means that you have a reservation where and electronic ticket has not been issued yet. You will receive your ticket within 24 hours from when you made your reservation. If we require more information, if there are any issues or your credit card declines the online department will contact you.

Travel Documents

Do I need special documents to buy a one way ticket when travelling internationally?

You don’t need any special documents to purchase a one-way airline ticket. If you do not have a passport for the specific country you are visiting however, they may require that you show proof of an onward airline ticket and/or sufficient funds to stay in their country for an extended duration (such as bank statements). Entry to a foreign country is not guaranteed so we recommend that you check with that countries’ consulate or embassy for specific details.

Does everyone in my family need a passport?

All travelers require a passport for international flights. This means that if you are traveling across a border from one country to another you must have a passport. For example, Canadians traveling from Canada to any other country require a passport. Every family member including children and infants must have a passport.

How do I know if I need a visa or passport?

Since the requirement for a visa, transit visa and passport changes frequently and since requirements depend upon your citizenship, we strongly recommend that you contact the Embassy of the country you will visit or the visa processing company we may link to on our website for the most up to date information based on your citizenship. Cheap Tickets Canada is not responsible for any denied boarding due to the lack of proper travel documentation.